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Moving to a new state or even new neighborhood is an important decision. See our free Public School Review page to help you in your search for the perfect home, the perfect neighborhood with the perfect schools for your family.

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Congratulations to moving to a new home! We want to make sure you have a smooth transition. Is your power on? Is the cable hooked up? Do you have hot water to take a long shower? See our Utilities page for help!

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Are you Pre-Approved? Work with our preferred lenders to know all of your options when it comes to home finance. If you are purchasing your dream home or buying new construction, you have options. Know all of your options and check with these professionals first.

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Need a Kitchen remodel, or a new bathroom? Does your roof leak or are you building your dream home from scratch? We can help with our professional home remodel and building contractors to help make your house your home. FHA 203K repairs, we can help.

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Home Inspectors

See our preferred Home Inspectors for your existing or new home purchase. Always get a home inspection to see all of the details about your purchase. All homes are not made equally and find out if your new home is made of the right stuff. Get a home inspection.

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Are you moving to D.C. Metro? Are you moving local or across the country. We can help you with the transition and selecting the best moving company that treats our clients with tender loving care. We only select the best Moving companies that we hand select.

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Home Warranty

If you are not buying a brand spanking new home, we strongly suggest the purchase of a Home Warranty to help cover the main functional systems of your home like, electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing as well as major elements of those systems. See our preferred providers.

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Cleaning Service

Many of our contracts state broom clean upon receipt of a home after a closing and sometimes that is just not the case. Buyers and Sellers can utilize our resources for fast, convenient cleaning services that we have worked with before. Not every buyer or seller is as clean as you are but this should never hold up a settlement. See our cleaning service resources page.

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Locksmith Services

We alway suggest changing your locks when you buy a home. We often utilize the services of local and statewide Locksmith services to help our clients secure their home. If you are in the need of a Locksmith or just need with having one key for each door in your home, please see our Locksmith resource page.

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Junk Removal

Sometimes when you buy or sell a home you realize how much Junk you really have. If you need to get rid or your Junk please see our Junk Removal providers here to help you get rid of your Junk. No Junk too big or too small for our Junk Removal providers.

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Realtors network with all types of professionals and insurance professionals are an active part of our business. From Auto Insurance, Home owners Insurance, Renters Insurance as well as Health Insurance professionals are always welcome as most Realtors are running their own businesses. Therefore the need to stay healthy and insured due to the nature of the Real Estate business.

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Settlement Company

When you buy or sell your home, there is always that neutral third party that is entrusted to make sure all conditions of the contract, your lenders instructions as well as federal and state laws have been followed. That is where the Settlement Company’s role in Real Estate happens and many Realtors have many to choose from. Here are some companies that we entrust our business to and have helped our clients over the years.

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Brokers Open Providers

Part of the role in Real Estate is all about relationships, trust and family. Most every Tuesday of every week many Agents and Brokers sponsor Open Houses to show their new listings to other Agents and Brokers. Often times there is food and refreshments provided to entice a quick visit for a walkthrough and showing of your home to other Real Estate professionals. Here are some providers that we value.

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RE/MAX 2000 Realtors and or its Agents make no claims or referrals to the companies, individuals, and or personal recommendations of any of the providers here. There are links provided for each consumer to look up licenses, view websites and other public reviews and decide on such a service or referral based on public information. We make no claims or affiliations to any service provider on this website but are providing space for companies, individuals, and service providers to offer their services to the public as they would through normal channels. It is the responsibility for each consumer to shop, compare and make their own choice in selecting any service provider listed here. RE/MAX 2000 Realtors, it’s agents, staff take no responsibility for such uses of services.