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Summer 2021

Our summer programs are defined by enriching, adventurous experiences. Join us as we take our inaugural trips to a life of global citizenship.

Due to the ongoing and increased challenges presented by COVID-19 our Summer 2021 programs have been postponed. Participants who have enrolled in the 2021 programs have an option to transfer enrollment to the following summer or receive a full refund. Summer 2021 program dates have yet to be announced. For full detail of the COVID-19 announcement, visit the Founder’s message here.

This South African: Safari Experience program introduces you to the endless jewels of the mysterious continent’s wildlife. You wouldn’t want to miss the…
This inaugural program, Barcelona: The Spanish Immersion, has a special concentration embracing the language, food, and culture of this beautiful Catalan region. You'll…
Our Core Values

The Essence of Globally Abroad

We believe in developing personal relationships - relationships based on our core values. Values that affect everything we do. Values that permeate our company culture and the way we interact with our youth. And importantly, values that transform our youth into not only global citizens but global leaders.

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We Operate in Excellence

We are called by excellence so therefore we pursue excellence by the work that we do, by the people we are, and by the lives that we touch

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We Inspire Action

We lead by example, motivating others to reach beyond their limits and expanding their scope while becoming global leaders

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We Break Barriers

We eradicate the stereotypes that have been placed upon us by creating our own narrative and redefining what it means to travel worldwide as a minority

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We're Global Citizens

We understand the world, the people and the cultural differences around the world as we promote a positive change throughout the world in our service to others.

Reasons To

Study & Travel Abroad

Here's what our trusted Global friends are saying about their study and travel abroad experiences.

Ariel R.
" Traveling abroad has allowed me to gain gratitude and appreciation for things I took for granted here in the states. There are just some things you can’t learn in a classroom and that’s the best part about studying abroad in Costa Rica. " Ariel R.
Syniah S.
" I have learned to trust in myself and to embrace fear while and after studying abroad in London. I never would’ve thought I’d be traveling the world alone and having such a great time while at it. " Syniah S.
Alexa C.
" Study abroad in France has sparked my love for befriending people from all over the world and forming extremely strong, long lasting friendships. Italy, Switzerland, China, Canada, and France. I love it. " Alexa C.
maya t
" Studying abroad in France & Germany has inspired me to start learning German ?? a language that most African-Americans have no interest in learning. " Maya T.
" A benefit studying abroad in Spain has afforded me was multi cultural sensitivity and a wider perspective on global issues. Tasha S.
Marcus S. 1
" I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia and met people from all around the world. I made friends and lifelong bonds with from Europe, but also from unexpected places like Bangladesh and Fiji. " Marcus S.
Tamirah J. 2
" Studying Abroad in Barcelona has transformed my life. I have gained a cultural awareness that I otherwise would not have been able to do. I have also built lifelong relationships with people in other countries. " Tamirah J.
Scott Corr 3
" Being from New York, Madrid provides me with the perfect balance of movement and tranquility! Art, culture, gastronomy, nightlife and all of the perks with more quality of life. It's also very close and cheap to travel to most places in Europe! I would definitely recommend. " Scott Corr
Anthony Lewis 4
I once went on a safari in South Africa, Johannesburg. we had 3 days of morning and evenings safaris. I have to say going out in early morning, grass is still wet, it’s quiet, and you getting to experience REAL WILD animals in their natural habitat will be the MOST beautiful natural experience you will ever have on a tour. Africa is one of a kind, I’ve been lots of places and I have to say, Africa was magical!!! Anthony Lewis
Jordan Boggs 5
Paris, France was a very magical city. From the food to the art it was an amazing experience. Jordan Buggs
Janet Hines-Norris 6
Thailand was such a lovely adventure for me. Took me completely out of my comfort zone as it was an entirely new continent I haven't experienced. Surprisingly, the people are the most friendly and the food was so delicious. I am looking for my next adventure there. Janet Hines-Norris

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Every summer, new destinations are introduced and tailored programs are offered for you to choose from. Here is a glimpse of our future endeavors. We're delighted to offer a broad range of study & travel abroad opportunities.


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