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Our Scholarship Goal

Each year, GBA aims to reward two (2) participants a full-ride scholarship into a GBA program. Each program will sponsor one scholar. This is estimated at $11,032 in total. A single contribution helps GBA’s mission in transforming the lives of minority teens and young adults by way of international travel.

As a commitment to our donors, we will forever remain transparent regarding the number of funds we receive. Unless you’ve previously informed us, every dollar donated will go towards the GBA Scholarship Fund. Donations intended for the 2021 programs should be submitted by April 1, 2021. All donations submitted after this date will be applied to next summer’s programs. Take a look at our progress thus far.

2021 Goal 0

All donations made by check can be made payable to Globally Abroad, LLC and should be mailed to the following addresses: 

Regular Mail

Globally Abroad
P.O. Box 1561
Mishawaka, IN 46546

Overnight Delivery

Globally Abroad
111 E. 3rd St. #1561
Mishawaka, IN 46546

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