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Hooray for Paraguay!

With traveling the world comes traveling through history. You can’t forgo a destination’s past, especially if they have already been forgotten for so long. You can be the one to unearth the afflictions of the tremendous works of the Battle of Boquerón [bo-qi-ron], in Paraguay, South America.

Paraguay is bordered by Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil, making it the south-central landlocked heart of South America. If you are to ever travel to this place to study abroad, though you may not be in the field of history, it is a must to rediscover the parts that surround the tedious 3 weeks of this battle that led Paraguay to victory. It is an omitted portion of history, but it indoctrinated so much more war specialization than the average person knows.

This war that took place in Paraguay is so significant because of the time period it took place in. After the formal papers of peace were signed following World War One, another war had quietly transpired. Can you guess what it was? The Battle of Boquerón was made to witness the earliest use of certain strategies that eventually characterized war combat in the present time. Both countries of Paraguay and Bolivia didn’t yet know they had this advantage against one another until a land conflict unfolded through the detection of oil, evolving the War of the Chaco and a scramble for zone control. The outbreak first commenced at a military frontier named Fortín Boquerón, hence the Battle of Boquerón (The Travelingi, 2018).

After many days and many attempts to assume majority control, via airborne tactics, Bolivian soldiers were ambushed by Paraguayans with their use of a type of gun, called a mortar that fired shells at high angles, and contemplated surrendering. Bolivia persisted still despite being at their threshold for catastrophe. Though, two short weeks later, on the 29th of September, the Bolivian side decided they reached the point of no return and officially yielded. This routed to Paraguay’s formal victory day – a once lackluster country of resources and workmen turned victorious to end this War of Chaco (The Travelingi, 2018).

If this gives you the slightest itch to delve more into this war’s history, there is actually a museum dedicated to it! The museum, Museo Fortin Boqueron, is settled in Neuland Colony, Paraguay. Whether you are studying abroad in this area or simply visiting for leisurely reasons, you will be assisted throughout the exhibit by an extremely knowledgeable guide who will also translate items to better understand and enjoy your experience.

Physically encountering pieces and commodities from history’s past is so much more effective to one’s mind than merely reading about it on a screen. And if your main concern incessantly comes back to affording this once in a lifetime trip, visit our payment options or information on how to fund your travels. Here at Globally Abroad, we want you to just look forward to your trip! We understand the struggles and efforts it takes to scramble money and resources together to eliminate any stress related to voyaging overseas. We are here to help and we hope you take that leap of faith and travel abroad with Globally Abroad.

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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